Céret and surroundings

Around Mas Trilles, extend superb and vast spaces for excursions; the road of the vineyards, the Vallespir's mountains, the vermilion coast and its coastal paths. Change of scenery is two steps away, with Spain, the town of Figueres, Cadaques and the Dali tour.

The region offers our guest several possible activities and visits whether it is Cathar fortresses such as Peyrpertusse and Queribus, medieval villages such as Prats-de-Mollo or visiting the seaside with the picturesque port village of Collioure and the Côte Vermeille

Céret - This small charming village with Plantain tree lined streets much beloved by artists including Picasso, Matisse and Herbin, is best known for its Museum of Modern Art and of course, its cherries. There is a market every Saturday which over the years has become quite the event with stalls filled with local produce. During the summer months (July to end of August) there is also an evening market every Tuesday dedicated to artisanal products (arts and crafts).  

Musée d'Art Moderne of Céret  

 Joan Ponç -  exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in Céret from 3 March to 27 May 2018

A visionary and mercurial insular artist who played an important part in the history of art of the post-war years in Catalonia and Spain. He set in motion the artistic renewal of the avant-garde after the Civil War, bursting onto the art scene in the 1940s and bewildering critics and poets, who immediately branded him as grotesque, tortured, diabolical, premonitory, beyond belief, magical, carnivalesque and hellish. Ponç was one of a kind.

The paintings Ponç produced delve into humankind’s darkest and most hidden corners. The unique and strange nature of his work led him towards solitude, an isolation and silence that transformed him into a recluse, visceral testimony of painting’s penetration into the mystery of life and of death as an experience.